Legislature’s Law Committee Sets Hearing on Charter Changes

Number of legislative districts at issue

The number of legislative districts in Albany County would decrease as part of three proposed charter revisions brought before the legislature’s Law Committee Monday evening.

The nine-person committee voted to recommend holding public hearings on three local laws that would amend the county charter. They include:

  • Redrawing district boundaries to provide for 33 legislative districts for the 2023 general election, with terms of office to commence Jan. 1, 2024. Upon release of 2030 census data, the legislature would redraw boundaries for 29 districts for the 2031 general election, with terms of office to commence Jan. 1, 2032.
  • The second local law would establish two commissions – the Majority Minority Redistricting Commission and a seven-member General Redistricting Commission – that would issue recommendations to the county legislature on district reapportionment.
  • The third local law introduces a series of smaller changes to parts of the charter, mostly previously approved measures involving revisions in language, definitions and administrative codes.

If authorized by the full legislative body on July 11, the public hearings will be held on July 26.

A special meeting of the legislature could then be called to vote on whether to place the local laws on the general election ballot in November. County voters would make the final decision on the size of their legislature and the other charter changes.


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