New Albany County officers take oaths

Friday morning’s ceremony in Albany.

Eighteen men and women joined or were promoted up the ranks of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office during a ceremony Friday morning held in the rotunda of the county courthouse.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple led the ceremony, welcomed the new recruits to law enforcement positions and introduced those who were promoted. Read news report and names of those who attended here.

The sheriff alluded to the timing of the ceremony, which took place as the department conducted recovery operations for two persons that disappeared while boating on a lake in Coeymans, days after two civilians died at the hands of officers and five police officers were killed by a gunmen in Dallas, and amid a string of terror attacks, including an apparent one that killed more than 80 people in France on Thursday evening.

“These are dangerous times,” Apple told more than 100 people gathered for the ceremony, mostly officers and their families.

Among the new members of the sheriff’s office is Gregory Stiglmeier, 22, from Albany. Last year, the young man lost part of his leg in a bad motorcycle accident. But Stiglmeier never lost track of his dream of becoming a police officer. After several months of  physical therapy, working out and adjusting to his injury, he successfully passed all the athletic requirements and was chosen to join Albany County’s ranks.

Gregory Stiglmeier, center, awaits swearing-in ceremony in the Albany County Courthouse on Friday morning.
Badges were partially covered in honor of the five Dallas police officers who recently lost their lives.



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