Future is bright for Albany County interns

Albany County 2016 summer interns with legislators Lynne Lekakis, Rick Touchette, Sean Ward, Paul Miller, Samuel Fein and Frank Commisso in the rear row from left to right.

ALBANY (August 17) – Albany County legislators on Wednesday praised a group of 65 high school and college students who completed six-week paid internships with various departments this summer. The students, ages 16 to 22, were thanked by Chairman Sean Ward, presented with a certificate of achievement and treated to lunch in the Cahill Room at the Albany County Office Building in Albany.

“Department heads were very, very happy,” Ward told the interns. “This year, we had the most employed in the program – 65 – and all were retained for the first time – no drop outs, no one dismissed. We’re very happy with that.”

More than 200 students applied for Albany County’s 2016 Summer Intern Job Training Program. Democratic and Republican legislators from all of the county’s legislative districts forwarded the names of candidates for the positions to the chairman’s office. The successful applicants learned about government, law, human resources, elderly care and other duties from July 6 through Wednesday. They earned $11 an hour.

“I gained very valuable insight into how all of your jobs affect the entire county,” said Sam Stuto, a student at the state University at Plattsburgh and an intern who worked in the majority leader’s office.

Frank Commisso, Democratic majority leader of the legislature, said some of the interns were probably tempted to skip work on some sunny, summer days, but they didn’t.

“I’d like to see some of you down the road be employed by the county,” Commisso told them.




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