Bill toughens pesticide notification law

Legislator Gary Domalewicz (D-District 10)

Albany (Oct. 4) – A bill moving through the Albany County Legislature would strengthen the county’s notification requirements for residential lawn pesticide applications.

Sponsored by Democrat Gary Domalewicz of Albany, Local Law No. J would require retail outlets that sell general use pesticide products to provide or sell accompanying lawn signs so customers can post the signs where they apply the pest control.

Presently, commercial applicators use the signs, but there’s no place for residential property owners to acquire the necessary signage. Local Law J amends Local Law No. 1 for 2001 in that it forces retail establishments to not only display a sign warning of the environmental dangers of pesticides, but also make the lawn signs available to customers at the point of sale.

The legislature’s Law Committee last week voted to move the measure to the full legislature, which is expected on Oct. 13 to set a public hearing for the new local law on Oct. 25.

“What this amended local law does is require any place that sells pesticide to provide the signs for the consumer so that they can post them on their lawn,” Domalewicz said.

All commercial entities and property owners treating a yard area of more than 100 square feet must use the lawn markers. Applicators of pesticide products must post signs at least 12 inches above the ground. The signs must be at least four inches by five inches in size.


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