Public hearings tonight

Legislative Public Hearings

Public Hearings will be held:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 | 7:15 p.m.

Legislative Chambers
Albany County Courthouse, 2nd Floor
Eagle Street, Albany

NOTE: There will be no Public Hearing held on Proposed Local Law “V” for 2016 on this date

The Albany County Legislature meets at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday to accept public comment on minor changes made to the 2017 County Budget, and a local law requiring food establishments to use biodegradable containers, bowls, plates and cups.

The Legislature’s Audit and Finance Committee reviewed revenues and approved subtractions and additions to the county executive’s proposed budget over five meetings held since October. The net changes are small and balanced within the budget. In some cases, the Legislature granted two percent salary increases for non-union employees who may have been overlooked in the proposed spending plan.

You can see the increases and decreases in this document here. You may review videos from the budget hearings and hear rationale for the changes by going to the county website and checking under the Audit & Finance Committee here:

“We took into account the requests made by department heads and others, but worked to stay within the county executive’s budget guidelines,” Chairman Sean Ward said.

The Audit and Finance Committee will meet again Nov. 30 to review the budget, with a possible vote to take place on Dec. 5. When negotiations are complete, there will be no increase to the county tax rate for the third year in a row, Majority Leader Frank Commisso said.

Also up for discussion this evening is Local Law “S” for 2016, or the “Food Service Waste Reduction Act.” Introduced in August by Albany County Legislator Christopher Higgins (D-District 5), the legislation eliminates the use of Polystyrene Foam Disposable food service ware by chain food service establishments within Albany County to reduce hazardous waste and costs.

06-higgins1-1Albany County Legislator Christopher Higgins



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