Audit & Finance Committee vote Wednesday on 2017 County Budget

The Albany County Legislature’s Audit and Finance Committee will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday to consider adopting the 2017 County Budget and sending it to the full Legislature for a Dec. 5 vote.

Over the past month, members of the County Legislature’s Audit and Finance Committee conducted an exhaustive review of County Executive Daniel P. McCoy’s $652 million Tentative Budget. For the first time, the Legislature videotaped the budget sessions and published the videos on YouTube and the county website. It also posted the Legislature’s proposed additions and subtractions to the executive’s budget on its website and social media.

“After an extensive review, the Legislature found the County Executive’s budget to be an acceptable document,” Majority Leader Frank Commisso said. “Our budget process this year has been completely transparent, thanks to changes we enacted over the last several months.”

The 2017 County Budget does not increase the county’s tax rate for the third consecutive year. On behalf of Audit and Finance Chairman Gary Domalewicz, please find the agenda for Wednesday’s committee meeting here.


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